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The Mangfather

Bob Katz

The New Album
Bursting out of the pandemic lockdown comes SIX CANS OF OLIVES, the new hip-hop/pop album by the inimitable THE MANGFATHER BOB KATZ. Mixing moods and genres in the way that only TMFBK can, working alone in his home studio, he offers raw, unvarnished truths that will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time. 


Brooklyn, New York


Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock




2021 TOP TRACK on CKWR: Off the Grid

2020 LGBT Music Chart Top 50: Six Cans of Olives

"You are probably one of the most original artists I have ever heard. 

Six Cans of Olives is now an ear worm. This is music with ebony grit and wit"

Coral Andrews, The Afternoon Drive, 98.5 CKWR

"I love Six Cans of Olives, first laugh in days"

Alice, Through the Looking Glass, CFRU

Featured Artist Interview on Rhythm & Views, WKNY

"Really liking your spin on hip-hop, a very innovative take. "

Arjun, Results May Vary, CKCU FM 93.1:

“Brilliant Socially Conscious Hip-Hop. 4 Stars in Every Category”

“The classic “Caught In A Butt Sandwich” by The Mangfather Bob Katz, the best song.”

THE SOCC (Sounds of Colorado College Radio Station) Song of the Day

"Bob Katz makes people smile; he makes them feel good.  Bob Katz is really talented and really funny.  Excellent.  Great job!  Really entertaining and very different.  He was the most entertaining act of the night."
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza, Twisted Sister

“If you could swirl the clever lyricism of Cole with the sly cherubic humor of Harpo, and add a shmear of Judy’s showbiz pizzazz, you’d have a concoction akin to Bob Katz”. 
Pete Kennedy, The Kennedys


“It’s powerful stuff!”

Mark Tara, Rainbow Country, #2 rated nationally syndicated LGBTQ Canadian radio show/podcast CIUT 89.5 FM


#284 on The Deli’s list of Top 300 Hip-Hop Artists 2020

WTUL New Orleans 

2017 Top 30 Releases 

2017 Top 10 Hip Hop Release 

#6. The Mangfather Bob Katz - Caught in a Butt Sandwich

#8 on WIRE Annual Top Album List - Caught in a Butt Sandwich

"this tension between humor and bitterness characterizes the mangfather's MCing throughout the album. having come of age in new york alongside the various artforms of hip-hop, bob knows that hip-hop in all it's manifestations is 'folk music'. he also seems to really love mangos. he's rocking to the beat of his own drum machine, and i recommend you rock along." The Modern Folk Music of America. 



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Six Cans of Olives
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